Fane design


Launched in Fall 2020, Fane is a line of discreetly elegant handbags.

Created by two friends, Laurie-Anne Braun and Margot Baudequin, it fulfills their quest for the ideal handbag. This means pure, sensual lines, a thoughtful sense of proportion and quiet pertinent details.

The styles’ apparent simplicity and impeccable making forge a discreet signature that transcends seasons and trends.

Fane aesthetic ambition is coupled with uncompromising manufacturing where local savoir-faire and quality prevail.

Fane bags


Fane handbags are designed in Paris and handmade in two family-run workshops in the Drôme and Pays de la Loire regions.
This local production supports French savoir-faire and maximizes the use of resources.
With an eye to sustainability, Fane handbags are produced in small series with a new take on their iconic styles each season.


Fane uses only high-quality, sustainably-sourced leathers from France and Italy for its handbags.
The double vegetable-tanned leather from the Degermann tannery in the Alsace region possesses a natural aspect and a velvety hand crafted to form a harmonious patina over time.
The lightly glazed, hard-wearing spazzolato leather is an Italian speciality traditionally used for men’s shoes.

Fane bags

Fane manufacturing


Fane brings two friends together, Laurie-Anne Braun and Margot Baudequin.

They met in Paris in 2013 and have since worked in the fashion industry as brand consultants and creative strategists.

Rather than novelty and short-lived trends, the duo focuses on timeless simplicity. Laurie-Anne and Margot share the same sensitivity and creative intuition, as well as an attention to detail nearing obsession.

Fane mold