Fane founders

Fane brings two friends together, Laurie-Anne Braun and Margot Baudequin.

They met in 2013 and have since worked in the fashion industry as brand consultants and creative strategists. The complementary duo shares the same sensitivity and creative intuition, as well as an attention to detail nearing obsession.

In 2018, the pair decided to create Fane to fulfill their quest for the ideal handbag. This meant pure, sensual lines, pertinent details, and sustainable production.

This aesthetic ambition is coupled with uncompromising manufacturing where local savoir-faire and quality prevail. Fane bags are handmade using French and Italian materials in an atelier in the region of Drôme (south of France).

The styles’ apparent simplicity and impeccable making forge a discreet and timeless signature so dear to the two founders.

Photo by Juliette Abitbol